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Wildo Profit is an investment company that invests in next-generation focused on AI processing with the fintech Assets management system that brings the maximum positive outcome.



Minimum investment

$0.01 and $1001

Referral Commisions 25% - 15% - 10% - 5%

Automatic deposit and instantly Withdraw


Achievements Of Our Clients


💰 $ 195387.28


😃 8858


🔥 40


⚡ 6

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About us

Newest Strategies For Your Success

Wildo Profit is a is a new platform which is specialized in trading with AI crypto bots. Operated by company establised in United Kingdom in 2020.

AI emulates humans in some. Still, when describing machine learning or deep learning, this means the Ai analyzes, interprets, and understands, something standard algorithms and bots cannot do. Bots, on the other hand, carry out and execute commands, which can be incredibly helpful, especially when combined with Ai.

In crypto trading, algorithmic software and Ai software get used interchangeably. WildoProfit Ai software can adjust its algorithms, continually improving itself and adapting to new data and interpretations. Unlike old algorithmic bot trading software.

Why us?

Our Advantages For Productive Work

Absolute transparency

The platform works completely autonomous, since all calculations are made automatically based on pre-set conditions.

Best for the best

Our company has developed the best strategies to ensure the highest profits to our investors in the cryptocurrency market.

Legal activity

Our company is officially registered in the UK and works worldwide with investors from more than 16 countries.

High safety

We have the best technical equipment, proven software and experienced specialists to ensure the safety of customer funds.

Customer care

Every customer is equally important to us. That is why our support department will be happy to help each of our investors.

Earnings without investment

You can work with our company even without your own investment by participating in the partner program and inviting friends.

Principle of working

How To Start Earning With Us?


Go through a simple registration and enter your username, email, password, security question and answer. Then log in to your personal account.

Specify your wallets

In the settings section, enter the wallet numbers that you will use when working with the company. This is very important for everyone.


Create an investment

Select a payment system in deposits area, specify the deposit amount, and make the transfer. Then you will automatically receive your income on a daily basis.

Withdraw your profit

You can create withdrawal requests at any time in an unlimited number. Payments are made by operators in manual mode.

Earn on the passive

Unique Partner Program For Everyone

Our company offers a promising opportunity to earn money by attracting new customers. The goal of our partner program is to create a loyal and friendly international community of investors. Every user can participate in it even if they don't have their own active deposit. To do this, you just need to get your own affiliate link and post it on various sites, video hosting services or forums.

Enjoy your financial freedom!

Frequently Asked Questions

It Is Clear About The Most Important Thing

What does Wildo Profit earn?

We earn money on complex work with DeFi projects and cryptocurrency trading. We managed to unite one of the best teams of analysts, traders and programmers in the crypto market.

How do I become a Wildo Profit investor?

To become a Wildo Profit investor, just register by clicking on the "Sign Up" button in the header of the site. Then fill out the registration form, where you can enter your username, valid email address, password, security question and answer.

How do I log in to my account?

To log in to your personal account, go to the "Log In" section and enter your username and password.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

Don't worry! Go to the password recovery page, then enter your email address and wait for the following instructions in the response email. After you restore your password, don't forget to change it in the "Settings" section.

How many accounts can I register?

Registration of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited by the company's rules. Duplicate accounts will be blocked.

How many active deposits can I have?

The investor has the right to create any number of deposits with the participation of any number of payment systems.

What payment systems do you work with?

We work with Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

What is the minimum deposit amount?

The minimum deposit amount for all investment packages is $0.1.

When can I expect to top up my account?

Funds are credited to the balance automatically after the invoice is paid.

Can I get the principal of my deposit back?

Yes. Any investor of the company can withdraw their deposit at any time.

Is the cryptocurrency exchange rate fixed?

Yes. A fixed exchange rate of cryptocurrencies is necessary so that our investors do not lose their profits when the exchange rate changes sharply. We accept that 1 BTC = $10,000, 1 ETH = $300, and 1 LTC = $50.

Do you pay dividends on weekends?

Yes, we charge a dividend on any calendar day.

Does Wildo Profit charge any fees?

No, our company does not charge any commission for operations.

Does your company have a referral program?

Yes, each user of our platform can receive 25% - 15% - 10% - 5% of the amount of their partners' deposits.

Do you have any advertising materials?

The company's advertising materials are presented in this section.

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